1. Yes, you do need to brush and floss your 12-year old’s teeth

    I love dentistry and I love what I do because of the patients I have gotten to know over the years. As your local Meridian dentist, my job is to take care of the teeth of my friends. That is why I love dentistry.  Peterson Family Dentistry has a lot of families as patients. I love families. I love …Read More

  2. My dentist told me I have gum disease. What does that mean?

    Many people, through no fault of their own, don’t realize that having a mouth that is unhealthy can cause other health problems throughout the body. You’ve heard the saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know” right? Well, many people have never been taught good oral health care! A hygi…Read More

  3. Dry Mouth Will Destroy Your Teeth

    How Dry Mouth Will Harm Your Teeth As your local Meridian dentist, I love educating my patients about different types of oral issues that can get in the way of excellent dental health. Let’s discuss dry mouth and the detrimental effects it can have on your teeth. Xerostomia is the medical term for…Read More

  4. Taking Care Of Your Teeth & Expensive Dental Work

    I was at Five Guys Burgers and Fries with two of my daughters Lizzy (age 3) and Becky (age 6). They have unshelled peanuts to eat while you are waiting for your hamburgers. So I got some peanuts for the kids, some ketchup for our fries, and some drinks. I then sat down with the girls. I started shel…Read More

  5. Top Five Reasons Invisalign® Braces Might Be Right For You!

    Many people consider braces on their quest for a beautiful smile but are not sure if they want to commit to the process of straightening their teeth. The orthodontic process can be quite daunting and can require more work on your part than is ideal. Braces can require extra care for your dental hygi…Read More